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How My Buyer’s Got a Competitive Edge!

By using video, my buyer’s were able to gain an advantage in a multiple offer situation and are now moving into their dream home! This seller loved that the buyers were going to be starting a family. Multiple offers are common in the current Real Estate market. So make sure you’re a stand out to the seller. Having buyer’s make a short video describing their lives creates a personal touch with the seller. Sure, a buyer can still write a letter to the seller to accompany their offer, but video makes it much more personal. Sellers take great pride in their homes and often want to know that a prospective buyer will care for it in the way in which they did. They want to know that a buyer appreciates the features and upgrades in their home. There are many ways to connect on a more personal level with a seller. College alma mater, sports teams, children, pregnancy, jobs or people in common. Look for any common connections and use it to your advantage!

How can I help you get an edge?